Writing Resources: Tools Put To Good Use

Writing can be a difficult task especially if you have time constraints. Writers can now use the internet as a great resource to find quick and easy ways to make writing fun and productive. I stumbled across a few sites that can help with making alphabetical lists, finding over used words in your project, finding the right synonym and even finding the right costume if you are working on a project that involves a particular era.  Happy writing!

A wordsearch

A wordsearch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Alphabetizer

If you put together lists and find that it is a hassle to sort them out or get them in just the right order, then the Alphabetizer will be a great tool for you. Here, you can remove the HTML from your list or perhaps you need to capitalize all of the first letters of your list.  You will also be able to randomize, reverse or remove any duplicates. I have not tried this yet. But if anyone does please leave a comment.


This is a great writers resource for those of use who say the same thing over and over. WordCounter will help eliminate being redundant and repetitive in the things your are trying to say.  Currently, this site is working on a way for visitors to upload entire documents.

Etymology Online

Have you ever wondered what words meant? Perhaps you are working on a project and you need to understand the language or verbage that was used. The Online Etymology Dictionary is a great resource for writers. This sites helps decipher what words meant and how they sounded anywhere from 600 to 2000 years ago.

Costumers Guide

Have you ever wondered how to describe the apparel of your characters? All writers who work on precise descriptions of their characters outfits from the past will find help on this site. Not only will you get a written description of a certain attire you will also see what it looks like.  Here, you will find a lot of references to costumes found in your favorite movies.


If you don’t have a Thesarus handy you can simple go to the Synonyms or Thesarus website to find the exact words you are looking for. These sites help you choose a variety of words so that you can say what you mean with a fresh perspective and avoid using the same words over and over. Another great writing resource.


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