Writers: Find Your Target Audience

There are lots of articles out there on how to find the perfect target audience for your book. Some advice is to just write for yourself in regards to what you would want to read and the audience will come. Other advice states to seek out what audiences want to read and write about it. I do both. I write for myself, in that I write what I would want to read and then I also get ideas for a target audience, especially those folks who are looking for a particular subject. Ideas can come from all around and you just have to figure out what works best for you. I came across an article that will offer some suggestions and assistance to finding the right audience. Happy Reading.

5 Clues to Identify Your Ideal Reader


Dominant learning style of target audience

Dominant learning style of target audience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I ask a lot of questions. Why did you write your book? For whom did you write your book? Who are your targeted readers? “Everyone who can read at an eighth grade reading level” is not the right answer. I will probably not read your fantasy book about vampire beavers attacking a muskrat kingdom.

Who is your ideal reader? My what? Your “ideal reader?” If you can identify the primary and secondary audiences who will buy your book—and tell other ideal readers about it—you’ll have a much easier time marketing your book successfully and reaping profits as a result. Here are five clues to identifying your ideal reader.

  1. How much like you is your ideal reader? You know what you like. You know what you don’t. A lot of authors tend to write as if for themselves; they’re writing in a genre or about a subject matter that is interesting to them. If you know yourself and your preferences, you might be able to easily identify traits in your ideal reader. Example: You like the challenge of figuring out whodunit right alongside the private eye who’s racing the police to find the treasure, ditch the tail, and get the girl. Does your mystery hold your readers’ attention or give them plenty of places to put it down?
  2. Male or female? Young or old? Urban or metro? White collar or blue? Your ideal reader may be like you or nothing like you. While readers of both sexes may love Sue Grafton’s alphabet mysteries, your book might appeal more to professional women, or retired men, or lovestruck teen vampires. It can be helpful to plot your marketing if you can identify groups or demographics that might be more attracted to your book. Also, do they prefer short stories or epic novels? Academic nonfiction or nonfiction written for mainstream readers? Your book will hopefully provide a comfortable environment in which your reader can relax, learn, or be stimulated.
  3. Who else is your ideal reader reading? Which of your competitors is doing well selling to your audiences? Knowing your successful competition is an important key to reaching readers. Example: If you’ve written a book of inspirational anecdotes, is it more likely going to appeal to readers of Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer or the Chicken Soup (for everyone) authors? Read more here.

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