Author Exposed: Jeffery L. Schatzer

I love sharing advice from published authors. It’s always a good idea to gather information to see how other writers are getting things done. Author Jeffery L. Schatzer writes picture books and middle grade novels that are educational and fun. His Professor Tuesday adventures have excellent characters that kids can relate to.  I had the opportunity to review his book “Professor Tuesday’s Awesome Adventures In History: Book Three The Underground Railroad.”  Feel free to stop by Kristi’s Book Nook to learn more about the author and his books.

Mr. Schatzer has some great advice on how to get published.  His website has lots of interesting information and reviews of his works.

As you might suspect, many people have the same question of me. “How do I get a book published?”

My advice is simple. First, you have to love writing. Write for the sake of your own enjoyment. If your book or story is published, it is icing on the cake. Persistence is also important. After all, it only took 34 years to get my first book published. Though the route I took to get noticed by publishers was through self-publishing, that route isn’t for the timid. It is a tremendous amount of work. Plus, it isn’t cheap.

Being an author requires a good deal of discipline and focus, especially if you are going to write ‘The Great American Novel.’ If you write a great book, you also have to spend a lot of time promoting and selling it. That means traveling to bookstores and places that carry your books. If you like meeting people and sharing your love of ideas, it’s wonderful. If you enjoy the solitude of your own company and don’t care to mix with people, you may want to reconsider that whole author thing altogether.  Read more here.