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Writers often wonder where they should go to get their books reviewed. I personally love to review books that are informational to writers as well as books that are fun to read by authors who reach out to me. I recently started following Stacie Theis at Beach Bound Books. Stacie has a passion for reading and is intrigued by the authors who write books. I wanted to share Stacie’s story here and introduce you to someone who loves promoting authors and reviewing books. Help me welcome Stacie Theis!

TNW: Stacie, please introduce yourself to everyone.

ST: My name is Stacie Theis. I am the mother of 4 and live with my husband and 3 youngest children in San Diego, CA. I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the art program at my youngest daughter’s school and recently started my author interview and book review website

TNW: How did you get started reviewing books?

ST: I was contacted by Lynette Hoy of Firetalker PR. She asked if I would review one of her client’s new books and interview him for the blog I had at the time. Her request gave me the idea to create a website and seek out authors to interview. Several of the authors I contacted also requested a review of their book(s) so was born.

TNW: Do you have a genre preference? If so why/why not?

ST: I do not have a genre preference, although most of the people who have contacted me are children’s authors.

TNW: Are you are writer? If so, published/genre, etc.

ST: I have written two children’s book, but at the present time they remain unpublished.

TNW: What can authors expect when they visit your site?

ST: My site has numerous author interview pages as well as book recommendations. My book review page “Blogging About Books” is also on the same site. Authors may fill out a request form (located on the Home page) for an author interview, book review or both.

TNW: How do you promote yourself/blog/website?

ST: Currently, I promote my website and blog through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, as well as several author groups also on LinkedIn.

TNW: Is there anything specific authors should know before they request a review?

ST: I prefer to do interviews via email as it has proven to be easiest. Authors are given the opportunity to answer at their own convenience and more able to think through the questions than having to answer on the spot.

TNW: Will you except ebooks?

ST: Yes, I accept eBooks, PDF files and traditional books.

TNW: How much time does it take to review a book?

ST: Typically, a review takes 3-5 days, but may take longer depending on the length of the book.

TNW: How else can authors connect with you?

ST: Authors can contact me through my website, via email at, on Twitter (@beachboundbook) and on Facebook by searching ‘beachboundbooks.’

Thanks so much for taking the time to share information with us Stacie. I look forward to sharing your tweets and more about you.


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  1. LOL! I love helping authors and so does Stacie. It’s only fair that we help you and each other. Thanks so much for stopping by Sherrill.


  2. I am happy that Kristi Bernard and Stacie Theis have met each other. Kristi interviewed Stacie. I too was interviewed by Stacie about my book, “My Name is Butterfly.” I thought she did a wonderful job of interviewing a published author. Thank you both for your kudos on my work. It is in working together that we are able to get our work out there to the public.

    Everyone, meet two extraordinary women authors,prolific Bloggers, dedicated book and author interviewers . Follow both of them if you are looking to get your hard work noticed in publishing. Mary Ellen Ryall


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