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If you are an author whose target audience is kids, have you considered using Skype? Writers most often are on a budget. An inexpensive way to visit a school to share your latest project is by utilizing Skype. I stumbled across a site that offers lots of help.

Skype an Author Network

We are hosting authors of children and young adult (YA) publications.
Authors, we welcome your input and participation in creating what promises to be an exciting way to bring books to life for our students. A Skype visit is an excellent first meeting with authors who are invited to schools to make in-person presentations. Authors are listed in alphabetical order in the navigation list on the left.

Our goal is to set up a network of authors who are willing to participate in Skype conversations with students in classrooms and libraries. This wiki provides a page for each author who joins the network. Our author template ensures consistency of content and keeps things simple for authors, teachers, and librarians. The author pages provide procedural and contact information. Take a look at other authors’ pages as an example.

Arrangements for Skype visits are initiated via email and/or phone between the author and the teacher and/or librarian.

Authors offer two types of visits:

  • No Charge – Meet the Author Visits – 10 to 15 minutes
  • In-Depth Visits – Time and fee determined by each author 

To learn more go here.


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  1. It is a very cool concept Amandah. It’s an easy and affordable way to showcase your books with your target audience.


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