Writing Workshop At Rosehill Elementary School

As a parent, author, blogger and book reviewer I feel that it is my duty to promote reading. Reading is as important to a child as breathing. At Kristi’s Book Nook I review books and offer them as giveaways so that parents have a chance to build their home library and to share the latest books with their children. Recently I had an opportunity to share with young children the writing process. My experience has been if kids are writing they are also reading. I attended an annual event at Rosehill Elementary School in Lenexa, Kansas with several other writers and illustrators.  Each year Carmen Chopp, the Chair of the Creative Writing & Illustrating Workshop at Rosehill Elementary,  invites local writers and illustrators to participate in the workshop to get kids reading, writing and illustrating. It’s a great program that every school should embrace.

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“Rosehill elementary is a Title 1 school, with 65% of its students receiving free or reduced-fee meals. It also enjoys a very diverse student population. The kids look forward to this workshop every year, and they are bright and eager to participate and learn,” says Carmen.

I had the opportunity to visit three classrooms. I shared my writing project with 4th, 5th and 6th grade kids. Each student was handed a picture of a mouse holding a piece of cheese. I asked the kids to answer ten questions telling me about their character mouse. We discussed what the characters name, favorite color, food and what the character likes and dislikes,these were just a few of the questions. I opened up the room so that students could share information about their character mouse. It was so much fun and everyone was so creative.

Some of the mice were from another planet, lived in the stomach of a mole with its family, some were daredevils and others saved the world. No mouse character was the same. Each student wrote down their story and some shared so much more than was asked. Each student was eager to learn and incorporated regular classroom studies into their stories. Vocabulary words were used and science facts too.  This was a great learning and sharing experience for me. Thank you Carmen and Rosehill Elementary for allowing me to come and write with the kids. I hope I will be invited back to share another experience.


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  1. Thanks Erin for stopping by. The pictures show me when I first arrived in the classroom. The real fun and interaction with the kids came after that.


  2. Thanks for being able to go on such short notice. It sounds like the kids had a great time and I’m jealous. Now I want to write a story with a mouse! 🙂 I’m so glad they got to have such a fun and enthusiastic instructor as yourself.


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