It’s Free: Why Not Use It?

Free 108 Glossy Waxed Wood Social Media Icons

Image by webtreats via Flickr

Utilizing social media tools is extremely important for anyone who is looking to network and connect with others. The great thing about using social media tools is that most of them are free. When we look at the most popular social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger or WordPress, we find that they are popular because they are free but also because they are easy to navigate and establish a profile.

There are so many tools that can be used to network and find others who have similar interest, but where do you begin to find them? And how do you know which ones are free and which ones cost? I recently found a site that tracks all of the great social media tools that are out there, Social Media Examiner. This site has case studies, how-to, research and videos on all things social media. You can sign up for their newsletter and keep up with current trends.

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It takes time to build an online platform. There is a lot of help out there and the Social Media Examiner is just one way to help you get started and keep up. Have fun building your online presence, especially if you are getting all the tools you’ll need for free.