Foreshadowing: Where To Begin?

Shadows in the late afternoon.

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I’m not exactly sure what foreshadowing is, but I think I need to learn more about it and utilize it in my middle grade novel. Janice Hardy has a pretty good grasp on the subject at The Other Side of the Story.

Here is an excerpt:

But what is foreshadowing and how can an aspiring author achieve it?

I’ve discovered the most simple way is to either work backwards (in the case of a single book) or give yourself “play room” for future books in a series. To achieve a backward foreshadowing, you need to pick an element of the plot that you want to tease the reader with and then figure out a way for the character to come into contact with the element innocently. One example is our first Cat Adams novel, Magic’s Design. Publishers Weekly noticed the clever foreshadowing we used which I managed by backwards plotting.

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