Writing For Middle Grade: Where’s Your Voice?

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Image by Regina Folk Festival via Flickr

Writing for the middle grade genre does not feel like it should be a difficult task. As a matter of fact, I am having a lot of fun doing it. It’s my first project and I just want to write the story. Now that I am almost done with the first draft, I’m wondering if I am using the write voice and words for my characters.

I found some information that helped me clear any questions I might have about voice. Kids are very intellectual these days and we as writers need to be sure not to dumb down our manuscripts. Here are some helpful tips I found at YA Highway. Kristin Halbrook has written an excellent article on The Middle Grade Voice.

It’s important as a writer to capture the essence of each character, one way of doing that is to hang out with kids in the age group you want to write for. I have done that am hope that my manuscript will connect with my middle grade audience.

What has been your experience writing for the middle grade audience?