What Are Books?

Calendar Girls
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Books are…


Worth Sharing

When I read an excellent book I want to share it with others. The first thing I do is tell a friend. I give my synopsis of what I’ve read and suggest that the person I expressed my delight to go out and buy the book at any cost and read it. As soon as they do, and they always do, they call me right away and we have the most wonderful discussion. We talk about the story and the main characters and then delve into the author and how they wrote certain passages that just draw us in as readers. Each person I encounter I share my favorite books and authors and they too fall in love. That’s what we as readers do.


Full of Cheer, Laughter, Mystery, Romance and Thrills

No matter what genre you may prefer, you will always get what you need. If you are into reading books that make you laugh you can certainly find one. One of my personal favorites is Calendar Girls. I laughed out loud at these witty women who reinvented themselves to raise funds for their organization. If it’s mystery I am looking for I read John Sanford’s “Prey Series” to solve the mystery through the eyes of his main character Davenport. When I want romance and thrills I read books like “Interview With A Vampire” by Ann Rice.



I’ve read Mary Roach‘s “Stiff” and was laughing out loud as I read about the life of a cadaver. Who knew dead bodies could be funny and interesting at the same time. I love books that teach me something new or enlighten me about the world around me. Children’s books have a wonderful way of doing that as well.

 What are books to you?