What Good Is Self Publishing?



If you’re wondering what benefit self publishing is to you, then you’ve asked a good question. Here’s the thing, your project is done and your ready to start selling. The only wait time is you preparing to upload it on a site or sites of your choosing, that’s it. Self publishing gives you control and on one else. Making more money with book sales has never been easier. Book distribution on various sites, gets your book to a designated audience.

If you just want to publish to share information, you can do that too. If you happen to make money while sharing your specific information, then self publishing is a win, win situation for you and your target audience. Feel free to give your information away. It’s totally up to you. Getting a book out for others to enjoy is ultimately what all authors long to do. Whether your book is a mystery, picture book or memoir, self publishing is the best way to get your quality information to the masses without having to wait on a publisher or agent to say when.

What good is self publishing to you? Feel free to share your thoughts.



A Brave New World

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Everyone is chatting about how self publishing is now viable. Writers of the world, novice and experienced, can re-invent themselves with new technology. not only that, we can keep all of the profits. The only problem is how do we wear all of the different hats that are necessary to get our words out to a target audience?

If you decide to go down the newly paved road to self publication, you will now wear several hats, that is, unless you want help. If you want help you will certainly pay a price. If you decide to do it on your own you will have to wear a writers hat, an editors hat, a cover designers hat, and publisher’s hat and finally, a marketing hat. That’s a lot of hats, but it can be done. your determination and motivation will get you doing things you never thought possible.

It can only benefit you to learn as much as you can. It’s a brave new world and all the tools you will need are out there. Most of them are free. you just have to know where to look. One place to get some answers is at http://www.selfpublishingresources.com. This iste has a great list of resources from blogging and ebooks, to illustration and design of your cover. There is a lot to take in but we all know that knowledge is power.

What has your journey been like, in this brave new world?


Too Busy Writing!

I am sorry to say I have neglected this blog for a little while now. I have so many projects going on it’s hard to keep up. I am working on two stories for kids. I am getting one of them illustrated. And by the way, the illustrations are awesome for “Princess Penelope and the Pickle Festival” I can’t wait to show them off.

I have also partnered with a few other authors to launch a new online publishing company, Three Rabbits Publishing, which we hope to launch October 1st. I have been working on the sites web content and getting all of the legal contracts together. It’s a lot of work but a labor of love.

What interesting projects have you been working on these last few weeks?

Best Links for Writers and Publishers (September, 9) « 40kBooks




Best Links for Writers and Publishers (September, 9) « 40kBooks.

I came across this wonderful site that has loads of information for authors. Especially those who are wanting to self publish. Check it out.

September is National Literacy Month (via Sylvan Dell Publishing’s Blog)

It’s a great month to celebrate literacy, especially since the kids are back to school!

September is National Literacy Month The month of September is National Literacy Month.  In celebration of literacy, our featured ebook for September will be "Animalogy: Animal Analogies."  This beautifully illustrated book makes use of animals' characteristics and actions to teach children about analogies. Our homepage features a free ebook every month, so go and check it out! Take advantage of this time with your kids and teach them different ways to make reading fresh and fun! Th … Read More

via Sylvan Dell Publishing's Blog