The Skinny On: Will Power

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Title: The Skinny On

Will Power:How to Develop Self-Discipline

Author: Jim Randel

Illustrator: Malinda Nass

Paperback: 233 pages
Publisher: Rand Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9818935-3-2


Do you suffer from a lack of willpower? Do you lack guts and the persistence needed to achieve your dreams? Would you like to learn the art of mustering your willpower?

Randel will show you the way. Whether you want to lose weight, become famous or simply want to be more motivated in your day-to-day activities, Randel can assist you. Learn from the experts on how to figure out what’s best for you. Set goals and determine what is of value to you, by setting realistic expectations. Don’t compare yourself to others. Learn to create a will power plan. Follow Randel’s 15-point plan and change the course of your life. Quick tips and references are placed strategically for easy access.