Where is the Query Fairy?

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I have met many writers who have a fear of the query letter. I never understood it until I had to do one myself. I read as much information as I could find and still there didn’t seem to be an easy answer as to how best to write a query. I was wondering if there was a Query Fairy out there somewhere who could help. There is help.

There are lots of Query Fairy’s out on the web. They are out there with their magic wands spreading their fairy dust all around. One in particular is Noah Lukeman. Of course, he may not consider himself a fairy, but he still offers help in writing a great query letter and he even offers a free download with tips and resources to help get you started.

I have downloaded the book and read it more than once, more than twice and I have utilized the tips. I created a few query letters and the world didn’t blow up. I was rejected but not because of my query letter. I was rejected because a similar story idea or article was just accepted or it wasn’t something they were interested in at the time. Now, rejection is rejection but I look at the bright side of the situation, I received personal notes and comments from the editors. I was happy about that. I was not expecting personal notes. What that says to me is that my query letter was good enough for them to stop, read and comment. I passed the test.

So, maybe I’m wrong but I choose not to think that. I might mention, that it wasn’t just Noah Lukeman, I have been surfing around and absorbing everything I see in regards to how to write a query letter.  It’s been a while since I have sent any out. I have hope that someday soon my idea; my project will be taken in and shared with all of you.

How to Write a Great Query Letter: Inside Tips & Techniques for Success, by Noah Lukeman

Happy Writing!


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  1. Thanks Greg for stopping by. That is right, we will get better the more we submit and practice perfecting the query.


  2. Thanks for sharing these resources, Kristi. You’re right: being rejected has nothing to do with the success of your query letter. The fact that you are learning the craft of querying and sending the letters out already makes you a success.


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