Story Chain: Dio Franklin Finale

Week 2 of the blogfest has proven to be quite a challenge for everyone. This week Deana Barnhart has us participating in a Story Chain in which she has assigned us a part. As writers we are allowed to be as creative as we want. This is my very first Story Chain event and I am very excited and stressed at the same time. I have to wrap up the Dio saga. The Story Chain began at Nata’s blog and ends here. If you would like to see the part of the story before me visit Melodie Wright. My assignment for this chain is to end the story and use the words shackle, base, tender. Here goes…

Dio put her hand to her chest as if you could keep her heart from jumping out. She felt as if the shackles had fallen away. She looked at her Dad, his face tender and at peace. His face softened. Her mother gently lifted herself from the bed and wrapped her arm around his.  Dio turned to look at Roddern who was smiling the biggest, brightest smile she had ever seen. He grabbed her, his hand pulled at the base of her neck and she felt as if she couldn’t breathe. “It is time for us to go,” said the Queen. She fluttered towards the sun. “We shall expect to see you in two days for the grand ceremony. It’s the dawn of a new day,” her voice echoed as the Grandoolex carried her away.  “This can’t be happening!” Dio jumped up and down. She hugged her parents. Tears flowed from their eyes. “I always knew you were special Dio,” said mom. Roddern pulled her close again. His face was calm and his eyes seem to pierce right through her soul. “I always knew,” he said.

Don’t forget, you can read the whole story at Deana Barnhart’s blog on Friday. Enjoy!


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  1. And so we end – the boy gets the girl – the girl gets the boy and we all live happily ever after. Sigh……


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