The Skinny On: Creativity

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We all strive to get our creative juices flowing. If you’re having difficulty, wouldn’t you like to learn how to get to the root of your creativity? Would you like to learn how to think outside the box?

Randel teaches readers convergent thinking by allowing your mind to flow so you can explore all of the nooks and crannies of your imagination. Readers will learn how to go with your gut. Give yourself time to let your creative genius to surface. Learn to get past distractions and become more inspired.

Randel’s simplistic illustrations shows readers how to block out noise, get in touch with your inner child and change your surroundings. Learn how to cultivate your curiosity by fining an interest. Peel away the layers so you can be sure you know everything about your preferred subject. Randel also shares tips and online resources which are available throughout the book for quick reference anytime.


6 comments on “The Skinny On: Creativity

  1. Thanks for stopping by everyone. Greg you are the winner for The Skinny On Creativity. Congratulations!


  2. Tia this is a really fun book with lots of tips to help anyone be creative. I love The Skinny On series. I’ve got more of these giveaways coming soon.


  3. Sounds like a great book, and one I greatly need to read to free my mind and let the juices flow. Perfect timing, too, as I’m back to writing. Second novel and 2000 words in (started three days ago). Thanks for the post. Off to join FB, too.


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