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How important is an email signature? I have one. People use it. I was scared at first to add one to my email because folks might actually click on my link to see what I’ve been up to. Silly isn’t it? Right now I see the importance of it. Lots of friends, family, co-workers, potential employers and clients can see me online.

I have come out of my shell and am happier and more productive than ever. That signature gave me the little shove I needed to come out of my cave and network. My email signature isn’t very fancy, but as I learn more about how jazzy they can get with the help of software or other free sites out there that offer specific formats for creating the perfect email signature, I will make mine better.

Do you have an email signature?




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2 comments on “The Email Signature

  1. Kristi, that’s funny that you say that about being sacred to have your email sig up because then people could click on it. I felt the same way until finally I was like oh well, they like it or they don’t.

    I love the siggy now:)


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