Revise and Rewrite – Are We Gluttons for Punishment?


As writers we know that revising our projects is crucial in regards to getting our work look at by an agent or publishing company. I know for a fact I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to rewriting. It’s natural and normal for a writer to be this way. We want our stories to be perfectly polished. We want someone to want to read our story and be able to enjoy it without stumbling over the type-o’s and unclear scenes.

Speaking of stumbling, I came across a really fun blog where Assistant Agent, Natalie Fischer is offering some great advice on how to revise your manuscript successfully. Her wonderful blog is Adventures in Agentland. Stop by and visit and get some great advice.

Are you a glutton for punishment?

Happy Reading & Writing!

2 comments on “Revise and Rewrite – Are We Gluttons for Punishment?

  1. Thanks Greg. We as writer must polish our work and be as creative as possible to draw in the reader.


  2. Thanks again for an excellent link, Kristi. Fischer’s advice is stellar. I particularly like the idea of highlighting your sensory words in another color. Sensory details other than sight are easy for most writers to overlook.


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