Learning to Write

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Most of us are not new to writing. We’ve been writing since we were kids. If we are writers we also read a lot and can either predict a stories outcome or are extremely excited when the end comes and we didn’t see it coming. I love those kinds of stories and want to write those kinds of stories. The question is, how do we learn to write, and how do we know we are doing it right?

I have participated in conferences, critique groups, online courses, and have worked with a group of children’s authors and a writing coach. I read tons of books and am reading and have read tons of books on the subject of writing. Some of it is finally beginning to soak in.

Literary Agent, Rachell Garder has some wonderful tips about learning how to write at her blog Rants & Ramblings. As an agent her insight on the subject is very helpful. If you would like to learn more about How Do You Learn to Write? Please check out her post.

Happy Reading & Writing!