Proofreading 101

Proof reading

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As writers it’s necessary for us to proof our work and find grammatical errors and any inconsistencies. It seems easy but we always seem to miss something. That’s why it’s great to have a critique group to help.

If you think that proof reading is an easy task take the test. The Society For Editors and Proofreaders has a test to check your skill set. Visit their site and see how easy or hard it really is. Let me know your score.

Happy Proofing!


2 comments on “Proofreading 101

  1. Jane: It is tough. I do believe if a person is going to self publish they should get an editor for sure. The competition is really tough out there.


  2. I found the link a few days back and while granted, I was taking the test at 3am with antibiotic brain, I was horrified at how poorly I did. The site is a good resource and you’re absolutely right–it’s not as easy as it looks.

    Jane Friedman of Writer’s Digest suggested recently that folks who aspire to self-publish should pay a professional to edit, to help cut down on the stigma of SP books being “crap.” (Not her words, but some of the comments she’d been getting.) I’ve edited non-fiction for a previous job, but I’m tempted to do this. Fresh eyes and all. Thanks!


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