Emergency Help For Writers

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In recent days the world has been plagued with floods, fires, and tsunami’s. If you’re a writer and need assistance C. Hope Clark has a wonderful post on what to do in case of an emergency. She offers a list of tips and where to get help. Check out this site for more information.

If you are in this situation or know of anyone who is, please be sure to pass along this information for writers in need.

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2 comments on “Emergency Help For Writers

  1. I have backups as well. I have had to buy a few new laptops and it saved me. Also, we have been having some really bad tornado’s here in Kansas and it’s been pretty scary. Thanks for stopping buy.


  2. I loaded all my fiction online to Dropbox, which updates all files on saving and shares them between my various computers. It was a load off my mind to know I didn’t have to scrambled to save my laptop in fire, flood or tornado.


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