Creating An Editor’s Submission List

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If you’re a writer and getting closer to finishing your project, you’ll need to start figuring out where you will submit your manuscript. It’s tough getting started because you have so many options and so much competition. Investigating the right place to send your “baby” can be an overwhelming task.

Over at Jennifer Representsliterary agent Jennifer Laughran, has some wonderful tips on getting started creating a list of editors to submit too. She gives great examples on what to look for and how some of these companies are sub-divided.  It’s really confusing if you’re just getting started.

One thing you will want to keep in mind, is that, before you submit a manuscript to an editor be sure you research them. Many of them have a website or blog with guidelines that should be followed. You certainly don’t want your manuscript going into “file 13” before it’s even had a chance to really be seen.

To read Jennifer’s post “Crafting The Editor Submission List” please go here.

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