Writers Use Your Voice


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As a writer I sometimes get tired of typing. I thought about getting a hand held recorder but feared I would run out of tape right at a crucial moment. If I type and I am on a roll with my story and my characters are really speaking to me I can just type until my fingers fall off. Wouldn’t it me nice to just sit back in my favorite chair and talk? Of course it would.

There is some software that is free to download that will do just that. It’s called Word Talk. Yes, that’s right. It free and its voice activated software to help you write that novel. I learned about this software when I visited the blog Literary Rambles, which focuses it’s attention on children’s book authors, agents and publishing. It a great site to get information.

If you would like to read more about this software feel free to stop by Literary Rambles where you will get tips on how to use this voice activated software for writers for just visit the Word Talk site.

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  1. LOL! Thanks Tia for stopping by. If you end up using the voice activated software please let us know.


  2. I came upon this post just as my hands were beginning to cramp up from all the writing today. I’ll definitely be checking into this. Thanks for sharing!


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