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I loved a good book when I was child. It’s really tough to narrow it down to just one favorite story. Of course, I am just as passionate about Dr. Seuss now as I was then. Green Eggs and Ham comes to mind as being the most read book in my personal library. Another favorite is Where The Wild Things Are, which has now become a movie all these years later. I would say it was the second most read book in my personal library.

What is it about Green Eggs and Ham all these years later, that still makes me smile? I think its that the quirky little characters that played their role in the story were simply unforgettable. It also cracked me up that if the guy had just tried the doggone green eggs and ham in the first place he might have discovered that they weren’t so bad early on in the story and they could have just gone on to do other things. But that would not have made the story as much fun.

I used Green Eggs and Ham with my own kids as a weapon. I would refer back to the story so they would at least try to eat the broccoli or the peas I put on their plates at dinner time. It worked every time. And at night I would make up my own friendly monster stories in reference to Where the Wild Things Are. It would always help get them to sleep at night.

I have since purchased those favorite stories for all the little relatives I have in my family. I have even acquired a few new ones over the years and share those with the kids even today. Sharing old and new stories will continue to be a favorite pastime until the day I die.

What were some of your favorite stories? What kids stories do you love now?


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  1. It’s true for everyone I know, that if you are an avid reader as a child you will carry that torch throughout your life. Thanks for stopping by Billie.


  2. I loved and still love Dr Seuss and have every book he had published.

    The Frances Books by Russell Hoban were my favourites when I was very small. Mercer Mayer books and Berenstain bears books were ones I enjoyed too.

    Amelia Bedelia, Judy Blume books and Laura Ingalls Wilder as I got a little older.

    I was quite an avid reader and read just about anything though and still do!


  3. I love the Dr. Seuss books. My son wore out the cover of “Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now” and it was the book he learned to read first. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. There is a Dr. Seuss book called “Would you Rather be a Bullfrog?” that is my favorite. I started to read with the Sandra Boynton books (especially Blue Hat Green Hat) and I read “Young Santa” by Dan Greenburg so many times the cover wore out!


  5. With my love of books as a child, that’s probably why I love reviewing kid books now. I know it’s why I want to write them. Thanks for stopping by Greg.


  6. When I was very young, I had a Lone Ranger picture book that I just loved to read and stare at the wonderfully drawn images. I think that’s part of the reason why I’m still interested in super-heroes and comics.


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