Haiku Day – Sunbeams

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Today is day 10 of the WordCount 2011 Blogathon and we are required to post a haiku. I have never written a haiku. All I know is I am to use 5 syllables, then 7 syllables and finally 5 syllables. Let me know your thoughts.

Sunbeams in my eyes

reflections from the poolside

water refreshes.

Whew! I hope you understand it, I am not sure I do.

4 comments on “Haiku Day – Sunbeams

  1. I can’t remember where I linked to for this. It is in the blogathon links for Haiku. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Good try, Kristi! Actually, the Japanese word that is mistakenly translated to syllables isn’t equivalent at all but syllables is what we have to work with in English…Also, there are 2 (and if memory serves, quite a few more) types of Haiku…anything having to do with humans is senryu – and I’ve forgotten the name of ‘nature’ based haiku.
    I ruffled a few feathers when I inquired about writing Haiku while I was living in Shreveport. I was set straight. LOL! If you want to ‘really’ do Haiku, best study up. Your Haiku above works ok by me…but I’m still studying – maybe I could give a short talk at next writer’s meetup? maybe.


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