Book Review – How To Write A Book Proposal

Writing a book proposal for the first time can make a writer‘s head explode. It’s that serious. Larsen does a great job of explaining the process. Although there are a lot of pages the book is a quick read. Writer’s can use this book to make an irresistible proposal, it shows you how to use models to make your book successful and helps you set literary and financial goals that will help you build a platform just to name a few.

Larsen points out how to hook a reader, how to search the market and look at your competition, how to build a platform and promotional plan and how to outline your book and so much more. Each chapter is filled with Hot Tips and quotes from professional writers. Readers won’t feel alone while going through this process. Larsen covers things to avoid and information for writing any type of book.

The back of the book has a Resource Directory which gives readers a list of agents, marketing sites, podcast directories, media lists and so much more. All of the links found here are a great resource to get a writer down the road to publication. Other resources include publicist and partnering your book. Readers will find sample proposals so that you can make sure you are on the right track.

Larsen has done an outstanding job of giving writer’s the help they will need with the long journey to publication.