Will Your Book Have Velocity?

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Once you’ve written your book and found a publisher you’re going to want it to sell immediately. You want that book to literally fly off of the shelves. That’s velocity. So now, how do you achieve velocity?Is it a waste of time to worry about it? The answers are simple, build an online platform and let your followers do the rest.

Building an online platform is not a waste of time. Wanting velocity for your book is what all writers want. We want our book to be the talk of the town. We want to talk at speaking engagements. We want our publishers to sign us up for a second and third book deal. Getting online and making ourselves known before the book comes out should be a priority.

There are the obvious ways to get online such as Facebook, Twitter, and the various blogging platforms that are used. But what else is out there for you? Have you been writing any articles? Have you been sharing any tips to your visitors about cooking, gardening or parenting? As a blogger we know we have to stand out amongst the crowd. Instead of asking questions we as writers must do what we love. That will be the key to us standing out.

The start of your online platform and its networking success will be the start of velocity for your book when it’s ready. Start thinking of ways to get followers. Share information about your book project, but at the same time give your visitors information they can really use. Track your visitors by which posts are popular. Consider writing a newsletter. Share links on your site to articles you’ve written or other sites that have information your followers could use.

Join in conversations, find a forum that interests you. It doesn’t have to be about writing. If you like cooking and gardening or fishing find those forums and make some friends. Think outside the box when it comes to how you will network. Building an online platform isn’t just about a blog or website it’s about making friends and directing those connections back to your site. Velocity will be inevitable.


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  1. Accountability is a good thing for a writer. It keeps us driven. Thanks for stopping my Marisa.


  2. A collateral benefit of building your online presence and promoting your work before publishing would be that it would emphasize your commitment to write book/article/etc. Your own built in accountability. I’ve actually been pondering this very idea this week. Get word out that I have a book due out on such and such date (on a self imposed deadline)…this would work with self publishing – then get it done! …cuz I have a deadline!!!


  3. Kristi,

    Those are some great tips. People can begin building a following even before their book is published. If you have blog already, start telling your readers about your upcoming book. Run a contest asking readers to pick a characters name, offer preview chapters. There are many ways a writer can begin building a platform and following.

    Happy blogging,


  4. Thanks Lisa for stopping by. I wish you the best of luck and I am sure your following will prove to be very helpful.


  5. Thanks for stopping by. You are right about authors needing to have an established platform. A lot of writers I know are finding this out the hard way.


  6. Great points, Kristi. I think it can also go the other direction: I’m currently building my online platform, putting information out there and then some of that (and more!) will go into the book I’m drafting on literary translation. Once the book comes out, voila, I hope that my following, no matter how small, will pick it up and pass it on. As writers, there’s so much to do beyond writing, isn’t there?!


  7. Great introductory post to platform-building. Authors are having to do more and more of their own marketing, even when they have contracts with traditional publishers, and having a platform is absolutely essential.


  8. This is great, and the use of “Velocity” is brilliant and relatable. It really made me think. I wish I knew people like you BEFORE I published. But, I have another in the works (two actually) and I’m absorbing! Thanks for sharing!


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