Be A Good Writing Neighbor

Robert Dugoni Book Signing

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Every community has a published author. Some will make it known others won’t. But for the authors that do make it known, it will be necessary for you to actively seek them out. If they are promoting a new book, you may want to consider attending the event. Become a good neighbor. Get to know the writers in your area.

Head over to your local bookstore and check the shelves for local authors. Read their books. Write them a letter. Make an attempt to get to know them. If they write in your genre track their career and find out who their publisher is and if possible their agent. I’m not saying that you should become a stalker, but you should ask questions and they will more than likely be happy to help you.

Check your local paper for book signings and events related to writing. Most of the events will be free or will cost very little. Arrive early so you can look around and visit with others who are attending. Chances are you will learn a lot from just visiting with your fellow writing neighbors. Face-to-face networking is critical to you and your books success.

Your first steps to becoming a good writing neighbor will be the first steps towards your success and the success of your book. Happy Writing!

6 comments on “Be A Good Writing Neighbor

  1. Hi Marvin, I am also going to the Pennwriter’s Conference and am the author of the blog about it that Kristi linked to. Do you want to meet? We could both wear buttons at the Saturday night party or something. I want to socialize also. Are you an author?


  2. Great advice, Kristi. I’m going to the Pennwriter’s Conference which you have linked to. It starts next week. I’m going to try to socialize the best I can.


  3. Hi Deana, thanks for stopping by. We have a local indie bookstore that promotes authors and events all the time and most of it is free. I cetainly take advantage whenever possible. It’s fun stuff.


  4. What a great point. THere is an anual conference in my town every year and I have toyed with the idea of going. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and go meet some hometowners:) Thanks!


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