American Idol: Every Writer Has One

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As a writer I’ve come to learn and understand those who are passionate about writing. Perhaps the love of Dr. Seuss, Aesop’s Fables or The Brothers Grimm encouraged many readers to long to write whimsical rhyming stories and fairy tales. Many of those writers are an American icon and household name. One of my favorite authors is Dr. Maya Angelou. She had the gift of words at an early age and did stop speaking entirely for a while. But when she decided to share her voice she came out in full force. I love it!

For those writers who are inspired to follow the path of someone like T.S. Eliot, a Nobel Prize winner who dared to dream, they would willingly follow the same path with patience and diligence toward the pursuit of their dream. Having an American idol is the start of many dreams. The love of words is what calls most us to this journey. A journey that is long and filled with rejection. But because there were others before us, we strive, we write and we never forget why we are here doing this thing that we love.

I still remember how I felt when I read my first grownup paperback. It was a science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein. The words pulled me in and I couldn’t put it down. I own two copies even now of “Stranger In A Strange Land.” I have always had a passion for reading, but reading that particular book at that particular time in my life created a frenzy in me that will never subside.

With the new infatuation with vampires there are a ton of new authors following the path of an urban writer targeting the young adults on the planet. When I was a young adult, my macabre idol was Stephen King. I read everything he wrote and then some. I still own his entire collection today and have a few outlines ready to be turned into manuscripts. He inspired me. Now I can following his writing advice from “On Writing.”

My new love and American idol is James Patterson. His “Alex Cross” series has me hooked and reading into the late night hours. His genius in telling a story and creating a character is astounding. I can think of several story ideas after reading his books. I wake up in the night and jot down my ideas in my journal. I can hang onto those thoughts until I am ready to bring them to life.

I’ve had many American idols over the years. I don’t doubt I will have many more in the coming years. I hope someday to become someone’s American idol. Who is your American idol?


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  1. I encourage everyone to read Stephen King’s On Writing – it’s an excellent book on writing 🙂 and autobiography.


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