Stuck On One Topic: Should That Apply To Freelancers?

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Being new to freelancing is very scary. I’m not exactly sure of what particular niche to stay in. I’m currently writing articles about parenting. I have more than twenty years of experience in that area, as a parent that is. I could write articles for administrative personnel, corporate, small business and crafting to name a few. Does that mean as a freelancer I should only stick to one particular niche or topic?

I recently read a post via The Urban Muse. I love reading their posts by guest bloggers. One post of interest was written by Kelly James-Enger, who is a full time freelancer. Her article “Jack of All Trades, Master of None? Seven Reasons to Specialize,” is very inspiring and informative. But it left me with questions. Should freelancers who have knowledge, experience and expertise in several categories settle for just one? I left a comment asking this question.

My thoughts are to write articles of interest. If a freelancer has good insight on many subjects, I say go for it. Isn’t that what freelancing is?


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  2. Hi Marisa. I remember you. Thanks for stopping by. I know from experience writers should be and can be “jacks-of-all-trades.” It makes life interesting and you are not stuck in some box. Besides, if you need additional help there are always experts to get advice from. Right?


  3. Hi Kristi, met you at last month’s Writer’s Meetup…
    I agree with you here. Actually, if a person is expert in only one field, then isn’t that person one dimensional? To be interesting and ‘well rounded’ (like with finances) a person should be diversified!
    Thanks again.


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