Egypt Unplugged: A Social Media Tragedy

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Egypt is in turmoil. Can you imagine if our President ordered ISPs to shut down? I personally would not know how to function. I have come to love all of the aspects of social media, and couldn’t at this stage in my life exist without it. Ok, I know, I sound like an addict. It’s true I am an addict. Aren’t you and aren’t they?

Egypt so happens to be the hub of their region. So when the internet was unplugged, just imagine the unrest that occurred. Picture someone sitting in their home trying to keep safe and out of harm’s way and the only contact you have is that person in cyberspace. Suddenly, you’ve been disconnected. Ouch! What now?

According to Wael Abbas and award winning journalist and blogger in Cairo, only 8% to 12% of Egyptians has internet availability. The country is without cell phones, and text messaging. That’s bad. Here in America that would be horrific. Even my mother uses text messaging and she isn’t the savviest around, when it comes to new technology.

For now, Egyptians are spending time protecting their neighborhoods and each other. President Obama urges Egypt to reverse the actions taken to interfere with access to the internet, cell phones and social networks. Whether or not the Egyptian government will comply remains to be seen. My prayers go out to that country and I hope they resolve their issues soon.

 What would you do if this country unplugged?