Freedom of Speech – Heed The Warning

Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C…08/28/1963

Image by The U.S. National Archives via Flickr

Freedom Comes With A Warning

Freedom to speak is a wonderful thing. We are free to walk the walk and talk the talk whenever and wherever we see fit. But there is a WARNING (yes, capitalized, bold and in italics) tag that should follow us as well. It is a reminder that what we say can and will come back to haunt us. It could be a positive haunting or a negative haunting depending on how you present yourself.

I am an avid blogger. People stop by and leave their comments on my posts and often times I stop by their blogs and leave comments. I have never, as of yet, left a comment that would potentially come back to haunt me. And on the flip side of that no one has left a negative comment on my blogs. I have not had to worry, at least not yet, about a WARNING sign being posted on my back as I blog jog.

I happened by a blog the other day where a young woman was griping about how someone left lots of negative posts and it had become such a frenzy that she ended up apologizing to the foul blogger. She had to do it. It was the only way to stop the battle that she obviously was not winning. Freedom of speech comes with a WARNING.

It’s great that we can all speak our minds whether it be opinionated or factual. Freedom of speech can uplift and promote or it can tear down and kill, literally. We can turn on the television and see where politicians battle it out during elections and what they say should always come with a WARNING. We see the backlash of that often long after the elections are over.

To sum things up, speak freely at your own discretion. Speak freely if you don’t care what the consequences may be. Stand up for your freedom and be prepared to fight and defend what you say. And if you are saying nice things and patting folks on the back, then be prepared to be uplifted and held high.


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