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Gwendolyn Hooks has written eleven books and several magazine articles for
children. She writes in a variety of genres including eight fiction easy
readers and three nonfiction books and sells articles to magazines such as
Highlights for Children and JAKES. In 2011, Stone Arch Books, Red Chair
Press, and Bebop Books will publish seven more of her easy readers. Her
Mystery of the Missing Dog, Three’s A Crowd (Scholastic Book Fair
selections) and Can I Have a Pet (Bebop Books) have sold over 230,000
copies. Gwendolyn lives in Oklahoma City. She writes to encourage young
readers to explore their world.

As a writer Gwen offers some great insight on her career. Here is what she had to say:

How long have you been writing?

About 15 years.

Have you always written for children?

I began my career writing adult magazine articles. One day, I read an article in our local newspaper about a SCBWI meeting. I attended and realized that’s where I belonged. Except for an occasional adult how-to article, I usually write for children.

What drives and motivates you?

At a school visit, a student walked in where I had my books displayed and asked, “Did you write all of those books?” I was so proud to answer yes. I want to keep answering yes to new books.

What advice do you have for new writers?

The best advice I ever got was to read, read, and keep reading as many books as you can. It is amazing how much you can learn by reading what others are writing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I see myself with several picture book biographies and middle grade novels published.

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  1. *Smile* Thanks for much for the great compliment and for stopping by SR Stevens. Gwen is wonderful and I am very excited to share her information on my blog.


  2. In addition to being a seriously beautiful woman, Gwendolyn Hooks writes great books for kids. My friend’s daughter really likes The Mystery of the Missing Dog and all the interactivity of the “Just for You” series. They get her mind churning and she’ll talk about the questions all day!

    Thanks to Gwendolyn for writing what she does. And thanks to you, Kristi, for this blog!

    The Stories of S.R. Stevens


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