What’s The Problem?

A relatively big book store

Are you like a lot of writers and find yourself looking at a blank page wondering what the heck you are going to put on it? It could be a lack of motivation or just the simple fact that you have been sitting in the same spot for too long. Get out of your seat and explore the world around you.

I find that if I go for a walk, or to a movie I get a fresh look at what’s happening around me. I go to the library and mill around at the new books or even peruse the latest magazines to take my mind off of the blank page that awaits me at home. It’s fun to go to a bookstore and listen in on other people’s conversations to see what their interests are. It’s not being nosy, it’s just curiosity.

When I get back home I sit down with a clear head and a fresh disposition and determine what I want to accomplish. Depending on who my audience is I look at what type of relationship I have with them. It’s fun to share what I have learned from the walk I took or the comments that I overheard when I was out being nosy at the library or bookstore.

For example, I recently watched the movie “Babies” and it was wonderful. The film is a documentary of babies across the land. These little guys were in every type of environment and no matter how they were raised they all responded the same way. They all learned to walk at the same time in their various environments and interacted with animals, toys and food the same way. You would have to watch the film to better understand the extreme differences in lifestyle.

 The point I am trying to make, rather badly I might add, is that after watching this I came up with a story idea and commenced to writing. I ended up with a bedtime poem, but I could have created several story ideas and I did do some outlines for other ideas just from watching this one film. So my advice to you is when you sit too long looking at the blank page, get up and out and see the world. Happy writing!

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Kristi. Those outings are so important for us writers. We have are butts on a chair all day! LOL


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