The Writer’s Life with Author Suzanne Marion

Suzanne Marion

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It is hard for me to describe a typical writing day, since my writing is generally sandwiched in between other activities. That is probably true for most of us. The important thing is to try to do at least something each day. It is the same for music practice. Even a small amount of time spent is useful, and often that small available time turns out to be longer, if the excitement of writing or practicing kicks in, and triumph over innate slothfulness takes over.

Everyone’s life is busy and filled with obligations and necessary activities, and it is important to set aside at least a little time each day for the things which are most important to us. I find myself drawn into the excitement of creating something new, once I make myself get started, and then I find it hard to stop. It is important to visualize the final goal, the desired result of one’s work.


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  1. Excellent advice. Do a little each day, no matter what. This is crucial for any long-term project, I think, but especially for writing. Thanks for the insight!


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