The Writer’s Life with Nicole Weaver

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Nicole Weaver

 I base all of my writing on personal experiences. Once I get an idea , I sit down and write. I do the bulk of my writing when I am on summer break from teaching. My second book which will be published by Guardian Angel Publishing in 2011, was written in one day. I got the idea after meeting my half- sister from my father’s side. 

After meeting her, I began thinking about what it would have been like if we were raised together. I sat down and began writing the story. After a few revisions , I was given a book contract.  

For me, once I get the idea in my head, the words basically flow freely from my mind onto the paper. If I struggle with finding words to write, I usually do not pursue the writing of the script. I never write an outline before writing, I feel too constrained with an outline. On several occasions I tried to outline, but it really stifled my creativity.

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