NWFCC Authors Showcase

This week I will be hosting an author showcase through the National Writing For Children Center (NWFCC). I am really excited and look forward to everyone stopping by to learn more about these authors and their books. This weeks schedule will go as follows:

The Writer’s Life

October 5th – Karen Cioffi

October 6th – Nicole Weaver

October 7th – Mayra Calvani

October 8th – Suzanne Marion

October 9th – Mieke Blommestein

October 10th – Lisa (L.D.) Harkrader

October 11th – Monique Peters

To learn more about the Authors Showcase please visit the NWFCC .  Please stop the blogs listed below each day to learn more about the authors being showcased.

Terri Forehand – http://terri-forehand.blogspot.com/ 

Margot Finke – http://margotfinke.blogspot.com/

Donna McDine – http://www.thegoldenpathway.blogspot.com

Kathy Stemke – http://www.educationtipster.blogspot.com

Irene Roth – http://www.irenesroth.wordpress.com

Happy visiting!


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