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Image by premasagar via Flickr

Opinions are like…well you know. Everybody has one. That’s what I like about writing. You can comment on everything and voice your opinion. I love stopping in on other blogs and expressing my thoughts and opinions.

Most of the time my opinion is just that, my opinion. But if I chance by a blog or website that is justifying world events or local politics, basically anything serious, I am sure to know the facts before leaving my opinion. For example, if the local news is hashing out some tragedy or some politic has pissed off someone, I won’t comment with out the facts. 

I look for facts in the news, magazines, television and the library. I want to be sure to have a purpose before I state my opinion just so that I can appear knowledgeable on the subject and I would also be ready for any backlash that could follow my opinionated self. 

Where do you frequently comment and leave an opinion?