Writing – The Key To Communication

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Let’s talk, let’s chat, let’s converse, I say! Or perhaps I can just write to tell you or the masses what I am thinking. Writers want to share ideas and thoughts. That’s exactly why I write. Sometimes it’s difficult to express myself unless I write it down first. For me it’s the best way to get what I want to communicate to everyone I want to communicate with.

I love to write letters on note cards and nice paper. It’s a habit I have kept for most of my life. Emails are a favorite thing too. I am guilty of forwarding funny jokes and alerts that have dropped in my box. Emails are a great way to spread the word about a book giveaway I might be having or an article that’s being featured somewhere on cyberspace. Some people may not look at an email as a way of really writing, but it is definitely in the category of getting information out as a way of communication.

 Again, without people what would we write and who would we communicate with? How do you communicate? Is your preference a typewriter, laptop, PC or do you simply write on paper?