Catching The Readers Eye

I have learned a new term in writing, it’s called a lead. What we want to do as writers is draw in our reader so that they stay interested in the story.  A lead is the hook at the beginning, the sentence that has the reader longing for more information about the main character or event. A lead can work for a fiction or non fiction story. There are different kinds of leads. I’ve found that this is very interesting and informative.

Humorous = puts a humorous spin on the topic or story.

Hypothetical = introduce your story or topic with an open ended question.

Dramatic = introduce something for the reader to think about, perhaps include an amazing fact.

Statistic = inform the reader of the facts but keep in age appropriate.

Anecdote = introduce a funny story that really happened.

Quote = use a quote from an expert, or from the main character in your story.

Action = start your story right in the middle of an action.

I have been using some of these but as a new writer really wasn’t aware that there could be so many. The other thing I have learned about leads is that is there are around 50. Who knew?!

Happy writing!