Books Read Outloud By Kids

I recently submitted one of my stories to an online competition. Little did I know that out of hundreds of submissions my story “Big Red” would be selected along with 49 other writers. This is an honor and I am very excited to be apart of a new endeavor for childrens writers.

Ralph and Lisa Lazar are the creators of This is a new idea that is going live on May 1st. They will be posting videos of children reading selected stories out loud. This is a great idea and I am honored to be selected as one of the first 50 authors to have a story read out loud and online. The example on the site for Smories is a wonderful story read by a little girl with a british accent. It’s really cute.

On May 1st when the videos are posted, the author with the most views by the end of the month can win a $1500 dollar prize. This is really exciting and I hope that everyone will go out and listen to my story “Big Red” being read by a child. I don’t know what the outcome of this contest is going to be, I am just proud to be apart of this new idea. As a new writer I feel as though I have already won. Just being selected as one of the first 50 authors to have a story read is an honor and a privilege. I hope everyone will take the time to visit and view all of the selected stories.

Thank you Ralph and Lisa for this opportunity. I wish everyone good luck!