Children’s Writers Coaching Club

     Online clubs are a great idea. There are so many options for getting help right from your home. We can search online and join a group and get help with our writing from people across the globe. Most often if you locate a group to join chances are there is a published writer, teacher or newbie just like you.

I am apart of the Childrens Writers Coaching Club and I love it. I feel as though I am the only newbie but I am not. There are lots of newbies joining the group all of the time. Everyday I am learning something new. I can now review my manuscript with a more diligent eye. I have learned some tips and am going to start turning in better drafts for critique. Once I really tighten them up I can then send them out for submission a lot quicker.

I am continually learning from others in the group as well as from Suzanne Lieurance our coach. She offers newsletters, teleclasses, monthly assignments and weekly critiques. We can ask questions within our group and generally get a plethra of responses and information. When someone gets a manuscript accepted we are all there to cheer them on. That first rejection letter, don’t panic, we are all there to offer words of encouragement and help.

As I learn and grow I will become a better writer. That is of course the goal of any writer. If you would like to learn more about the Children’s Writers Coaching Club please visit Happy writing, learning and growing.